"At Your biding I will..."

“And Simon answered and said, ‘Master, we worked hard all night and caught nothing, but at Your biding I will let down the nets.” – Luke 5:5

Jesus stood in the boat and taught the multitudes that were on the shoreline. When He finished, He told Peter to launch out into the deep and put down his nets for a catch. Wishful thinking, Peter might have thought. Peter let the Lord know that they had already tried that. We not only worked, but we have worked hard and we worked all night. We gave it our best shot, but nothing. We caught nothing. We are tired, dirty and discouraged. We are ready to go home. This is not the day to catch fish. Maybe, tomorrow will be better.

But, the words of Jesus had a sense of assurance about them. Maybe Jesus did know something. At your bidding I will, Peter says. Others express this as: I will do as You say; if You say so; because you say so.

This statement came from a submissive heart. Maybe Jesus does know more than we do. Maybe the Lord can see what we cannot see. The Lord never wants to hurt us, make fun of us, or see us fail. Maybe, just maybe, the Lord knows what He is talking about.

“At Your biding I will…”


First, there are times when we have to be honest and simply do things God’s way. Peter could have held his ground, stating that he was the fisherman and Jesus was a teacher and a carpenter. Stay in your lane, Jesus. I’ve got this. I know all about this. I know fish. I know how to fish. Put in the topic: money, growing a church, parenting, dealing with depression, we think we’ve got a handle on those things. What does Jesus know about fish? What does Jesus know about depression? Stay in your lane, Jesus. We know.

And, then we hear Peter saying, at your bidding Lord, I will. When we come to that understanding, we realize that Jesus is in all lanes. Jesus knows about everything. One cannot improve upon what God has done.

Second, when Jesus said the very hairs on our heads are numbered, we realize that God knows things about us that even we do not know. If you had to guess, within ten, how many hairs are on your head, most couldn’t do it and it would still be a guess. God knows. And, if God knows how many hairs are on your head, He knows about your heart. He knows what tempts you. He knows your strengths. He knows your weaknesses. God knows you better than you know yourself. And, so when we proudly say, I can’t do that, God knows you can. I can’t forgive. Yes, you can. How do you know that? God says you can. When you think you cannot do any more. God knows you can.

At Your bidding Lord, I will.

Third, when we are tired, discouraged and ready to go home, God knows that we can do a little bit more. Cast out into the deep and lower those nets, beckons us. It calls us when we say, “I can’t teach another class.” “I can’t do any more hospitality.” When our hearts say, “We can’t,” the Lord says, “Cast out into the deep and lower your nets.”

Sometimes our efforts show very little results. Peter had worked hard. Peter had worked all night. And, what was there to show for that? Nothing. Another sermon to preach. Another class to teach. Another sad story to listen to. Another teen to advise. Another young couple to encourage. Another email to write. Another text to send. Another visit to the hospital. Another funeral home visitation to go to. Tired. Worked hard all night. Just ready to go home and try another day, the Lord says, “cast out into the deep and lower your nets.” So, we do. So, we shall. And, this time, the results may be amazing.

At Your biding Lord, I will…