God' People

This past week I was blessed to attend FC Alabama Camp 2023. At camp I was surrounded by numerous individuals who impacted my life in a variety of ways. The singing was as wonderful as ever. The Bible study was engaging and so helpful to my daily walk. The periods of free time were filled with laughter, smiles, and the enjoyment of watching young people from across this state and others come together and engage with one another without the fear of this world’s influence. We may not be completely exempt of all of this world’s influence, but at least for those six short days - we can join with so many others who have a similar goal - HEAVEN! One of my sisters perfectly captured the environment of camp with this simple but profound statement - “Find your people in God’s people.” This is exactly what one finds at camp and in the relationships that continue to grow with each passing year. I am so thankful to God for His people and that I got to spend that week with them!   

My cup runs over as I listened to all of the young campers pour their hearts out in singing praises every single day. It never ceases to amaze me the depth and passion that is brought to the table in the multiple songs we are able to sing daily. The campers give me a small glimpse and taste of heaven’s eternity. An eternity when all of God’s singers will be called home and we will stand before His throne singing praises to His high and matchless name. What a beautiful noise to hear 500 voices blended together and singing out to their Father God!

My cup runs over as I sat and learned from my cabin during Bible class. Those moments when I got to take out the precious Word of God and exhort my campers to maintain good decisions and to always keep “pressing on.” These young men face a variety of temptations from their school environment, home life, neighborhood kids, etc., but their desire is to be found pleasing to their heavenly Father. On Monday evening, I was approached by one young man who needed prayers for strength. This young man’s heart was breaking and he was fearful of the decisions that he had been making in his own life. My heart broke with him and we opened God’s Word and allowed it to guide our hearts to drawing closer to God. May God bless this young man and all the campers who desire to faithfully serve their faithful God!

My cup runs over as I sat at the feet of other men who love the Lord and His Word. The Bible studies and devotionals were inspiring and reminders to my own failures and weaknesses. One of my brothers discussed with the young men of our cabin the need for men to pursue, protect, provide, and prepare for their future wife. In a world filled with so much confusion, my brother’s instructions to these young men were needed and a gentle reminder to my own weaknesses as a husband, father, and brother in Christ. Another brother led a beautiful devotional to close our camp week by reminding the young men to “fight the good fight of faith.” His exhortation resonated in my heart as he read from Joshua 1:7-9 and encouraged these young men to fight manfully onward and to be strong and courageous. May God bless these young men with strength and courage as they face their daily trials!

My cup runs over as I sit back and try to remember all of the good and all of the memories shared with others this past week. “Find your people in God’s people” - what a profound statement and I am thankful for my sister who continues to teach me by her own words and actions in faithful service to our Father. Thank you God for giving me this week. Thank you God for giving me the relationships I share with so many others who I would have never known without Your grace and mercy! Thank you God for allowing me to be a member of Your family! The goodness of God is running after me and I stand in awe of the great I AM!